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Travels with mom and Ted to: Granada, the Corn Islands and San Juan del Sur

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It was such a wonderful experience waiting at the airport and seeing my mom and Ted walking out of customs, theyre here! We started our adventure renting a car and driving to Granada. The roads were empty and we arrived without any issues at our lovely hotel, Los Patios. The style was a mix of classic Nicaraguan decour mixed with clean lines and Danish accessories. All of the places we visited were amazing with my moms expertise in hotels. It was fun returning to Granada and exploring different parts of the city that I had not previously seen. My mom and I wandered about the first day absorbing all of the brillantly colored buidings, and we stumbled upon the local cultural center and debated taking an art class. We opted for a yoga class instead at a gym that was close to our hotel.


The day we were leaving I met up with my friends I met at the hostel I stayed at when I first visited Granada, who have been living in the city for the past month taking Spanish classes. We had delicious fish tacos, but unfortunately we were sitting on the most touristy street which in turn made it so we were asked to buy pottery or sunglasses at least forty times. One man demanded the rest of Teds soda who looked like he had had an incredibly hard life. How my mom put it, "His eyes looked so dead it was as if flies were hovering around them". Quite a true description. For the evening we went with one of my friends to this unique spot called the Treehouse, which as is obvious by the name, is a series of treehouses connected by hanging bridges. Our rental car braved the narrow, dirt road to get there and we enjoyed an amazing sunset looking out over the treetops.

The following day we had a very early flight to Big Corn Island, which consisted of a lot of waiting in lines that never seemed to move. We arrived to Big Corn before we were able to check in to our hotel, the Big Fish Cafe, so we ate some breakfast, dropped off our things and went in search of a beach. I had vastly underestimated the size of the island as well as where we were in relation to everything, but we finally found a little slice of paradise close to Hotel Arenas. With some icy cold soda water for my mom and Ted, we relaxed and promptly jumped into the Caribbean waters. When our hotel was finally ready, we returned and treated ourselves with three plates of lobster for lunch. Lobster is very prevalent in the Corn Islands and much cheaper than the West Coast of the US, and especially Idaho.


Our plan was to take the 10am morning ferry over to Little Corn Island, however the first ferry was full. We ended up taking a larger, cargo boat over which actually ended up working out better. The ferry looked like a very wet ride with the big waves in a small boat. Little Corn Island was beautiful! There are no cars, and the island is small enough that you can walk everywhere. We spent most of our day walking to the other side of the island on a winding nature trail, and relaxing at a gorgeous empty beach. It was fairly windy and the ocean was choppy, but beautiful. We walked next door to the swanky $400/night resort and enjoyed happy hour at their beach bar for a mere $4 per cocktail instead. That night my mom and I met up with another Broadreach leader and her mom! It is always great to see a familiar face during the constant changing of travels.

Ferry times really seemed to govern our travel plans because the next morning we found out that all ferries were cancelled for the day and the last boat to go back to Big Corn was leaving at 10am. Word travels quick on that small island and we had quite the motley crew of folks on our boat. The ability to be flexible while traveling is so essential. We were able to spend more time on Big Corn, and my mom and I took an accidental taxi tour of the island. Which was great! Our driver took us far south on the island to an old house that used to belong to Somoza the old dictator of Nicaragua, which had an incredible view of course.

We flew out early the next morning, picked up our rental car again and then made our way down to San Juan del Sur. Ted did a great job driving, while I was the navigator. Our little Suzuki struggled up the steep driveway to our hotel. We stayed at Pelican Eyes Resort, which was gorgeous! We had our own house, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two floors, our own kitchen, living and dining room. It was the perfect way to end our trip. We had three nights there to relax and enjoy. We kept hearing about how San Juan del Sur is such a party town and we were a little concerned, however our hotel was far enough away from the beach to be quiet and serene. We took daily trips to town to buy our groceries for the day and to explore. After drinking pretty much only Nescafe at my work, and weak coffee everywhere else, it was quite a treat to have some famous Ted coffee in my life yet again.


After all of the great quality time with my mom and such a relaxing vacation, it made it hard to say goodbye back in Managua. My mom and Ted headed to Leon and I returned to work. Today I am hoping to see them off before they fly out tomorrow. Such an amazing experience traveling with loved ones and showing them around my current country of residence. Until the next adventure!


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